After graduating in 1995 at the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands, I started to work by Weijers Domino Produktions as Art Director, the first experiences with brand strategy in combination with design were made. I continued working by StudioToginini and WitDesign, specialising in standdesign. In 2009 I started to work as a freelancer with the ambition to create places where communication play’s the main part of the design, especially on standdesign.

I give lectures at the Willem 1 College in Den Bosch at the Communication & Design department.
Because I have many interests that need to be fed I graduated for classical guitar achieved at the conservatory in Tilburg and studied for Master of Architecture for two years also in Tilburg.

Companies I work with or for are:

  • TauschExpo
  • ProjectExposure
  • Dehullu stand- interieurbouw
  • StudioTognini
  • Leo van Beek Architecten
  • LaarhovenDesign
  • StudioSchoot
  • FitsDesign
  • Thomas Kemme Architecten
  • Koning Willem 1 College
  • Bresson van Kempen
  • Vervoort
  • Gielissen
  • Van den Oever Expo Group
  • iNEX Internationale Tentoonstellingsservice